24 October 2010

so much to celebrate for Finding Windom.

1. My $.02: Finding Windom the blog has officially hit the population of Windom!  This is great! We need to keep the momentum going because there is power in numbers.

2. Thursday evening I met with the Free Masons of Prudence Lodge in Windom.  They are the longest running organization in Cottonwood County and the experience and hospitality during this visit was remarkable.  I will be filling you in about this great organization in the very near future, but there is just too much I need to tell you because Finding Windom has a lot going on right now!

3. All weekend, Finding Windom has been very busy working with the Plum Creek Food Coop getting ready for the FOUND! by Finding Windom Food Coop Grand Reopening, which will be held on Saturday, November 6th from 10am-12pm.   I hope to see everyone at the grand reopening celebration to grab a cup of fresh coffee, see some quick demos and tease your tastebuds with some samples. It will be great!  It has been such an awesome experience working with the Food Coop.  They have been so willing to accept our ideas and help, and we hope this will be a positive enhancement for their wonderful business on our beloved downtown square.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU (I really can't thank you enough) to all who have helped with this project-- it couldn't have been done without you, and I admire you all for your dedication to Finding Windom and its mission.

And with all this said, I'm beat...so until tomorrow, my friends...

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