06 November 2010

the coop finale.

The finale of the Finding Windom experience with the Plum Creek Food Coop was a huge success!  It was an eventful and exciting Grand Reopening, and I had a blast.  There was a great turnout, and I appreciate all the support and attendees the beautiful morning brought to the downtown square.  How wonderful to have such events grace our square on a Saturday morning!  I can't thank Jim Austerman and his wife enough for the generousity of sharing such gifts with us.  Thank you to the staff of the Plum Creek Food Coop for allowing Finding Windom the opportunity to put our visions for the Coop to life. And a big Thank You to all the people who helped during this transformation--I couldn't have done it without you!  I'm looking forward to more exciting things to work on...
She's got the right idea.

Proud to introduce Wheeler Bread--available on Wednesdays and Fridays!

FRESH COFFEE will now be available everyday during Plum Creek Food Coop store hours!

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