07 November 2010

ring on.

Windom needs this beautiful song composed and written by Jim Austerman to be played on our courthouse bells.  I love waking up to the bells of the courthouse and hearing those bells play on the hour, and how wonderful that Jim Austerman has composed this song for Windom.  We should be proud and honored he has done this for our community, and this melody needs to be a part of our downtown in respect of his gift to us.


  1. Hi Mari,

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    My blog is called, "What Heaven Is Like"
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  2. Hello Ms. Mari,

    Our Windom Senior's group was told last year that Jim Austerman's song, "The Christmas Bells of Windom" was going to be on the courthouse bells.We have not heard it. Do you know why?

    We even have other seniors from surrounding areas that have heard this man play that song at their events. Everyone enjoyed it, especially now that it's Christmas time again!