05 November 2010

people do.

Ah, a Friday night.  I love Friday nights because they are full of possibility.  A carefree night, a weekend to look forward to.  And this Friday night was perfect--a night at the good 'ol Bergen Bar and Grill.  For those of you who are not familiar with this Bar and Grill, you are missing out on one of the ten wonders of the world because it is nothing short of amazing.  You are probably wondering what makes it so remarkable because it is so tiny that you have to wait for seating (sometimes for up to an hour or two), it is oddly located, and the parking, well, what parking?  But I'm telling you the food, the food is well worth the wait.  This place goes against all rules of the restaurant world except for one thing: people are willing to wait hours for and willing to drive miles for damn good food.

While you wait for one of the 10 tables that are crammed in the old small building located in the absolute middle-of-no-where between Windom and Jackson, you have two options based on the time of year--your car, in the winter of course, or the deck in the summer. And while you wait in one of these two places, you can order a cold beer or set up (you can bring your own bottle) and stare at the abyss of farmed fields and lose yourself in the abundance of wind turbines.  You can't help but think about the upcoming experience you are going to be giving your tastebuds because in the very near future the best piece of meat you can find on a plate will be sitting right next to the best twice baked potato you can find in Southern Minnesota.  I know you are thinking I'm crazy talking about food like a teenage girl talks about Justin Bieber, but this food does not disappoint...

And people come from miles, wait and eat.  Just goes to show--if you give them what they want, they will come.

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