11 November 2010

it's nice here.

No person can perfectly put together the correct words to describe the beauty of a quiet night at home.
It is during these nights, when the world around me is settling in for the upcoming hours of rest, that I take a deep breath and find the inspiration that keeps me going.  I don't have to dig too deep or look too far to find just what I'm looking for.  I find it in that beautiful baby boy I just put to sleep and in the snoring Boston Terrier seeking warmth next to me.  I find it in the creaks and strange noises of this old house we call home.  I find it in the man who continues to adore me for exactly who I am (as hard as that may be sometimes).  It is during these quiet nights that I sit, write, count my blessings, and look forward to another wonderful day in Windom, Minnesota.

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