17 July 2011

10 a.m. shadow.

The other day I was working down at River City Eatery painting the walls modern, welcoming colors.  The sun shining in the windows was making beautiful art on the freshly painted Milkweed Pod color I had just glided over the plaster.  It was as if this building was speaking to me, so I had to share the art with you. 

I watched the walls quickly become something new, but its old soul was joyful with the tickle of the paint roller.  I know I sound crazy for giving the walls of a building human emotions, but the atmosphere has changed so much outside and inside that I can't help but think the attention this old building is getting is a sigh of relief for it. 

I can't wait to to see and feel more joyfulness as this spot on the beautiful downtown square of Windom continues to become River City Eatery.

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