02 July 2011

i'm hungry.

I wish Icould tell you everything in this one post.  I wish I could tell you the beginning of River City Eatery, the present of River City Eatery and the future of River City Eatery right here, right now.  What I can tell you is that when I write the book, The Tale of River City Eatery, someday, this interesting story will be organized into lovely chapters of laughter, tears, blood and sweat.  But for right now, I want to give you a sneak peak into what Chapter 32 (just a guess as to what chapter I'm on at this point in the novel basd on the series of events it has taken to get to this point) is all about...the day the State of Minnesota decided to shut down...

Now I don't want to turn this into a negative post--I don't believe in dwelling on the negative--I just want to tell you how interesting things can get when trying to open up a business in the State of Minnesota.  But somewhere on someone's desk at the Department of Labor and Industry are River City Eatery's plumbing plans waiting to be looked at and approved. 

So I wait...I have to wait until those plans are approved before I can keep working to make River City Eatery a licensed food establishment. 

Isn't that exciting? 

Yup, The Tale of River City Eatery will definately make a wonderful book some day.  I'm sure you are all waiting to here the 31 chapters before this one too...believe me...it will be a fun read.

And just to keep the record straight...just because it hasn't been easy, doesn't mean it has been hard, it's just been interesting...yeah, that's the word...very interesting.

Cross your fingers this shutdown doesn't last long because I'm hungry for River City Eatery!

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