25 July 2011

respecting youth.

larry, me and bubbles.
unsuccessful, but still much fun, Slinky.

The other day, as I was waiting for my paint to dry at River City Eatery, I had the perfect summer afternoon.  Well, maybe I should start with my perfect summer morning.  I went to get my morning coffee at the local Super America (they have strawberry shortcake flavored cappucino, which tops off my black coffee perfectly) and as I walked in the door of SA, I noticed a small tower of ORIGINAL SLINKYS next to the Roller Dog Grill.  A Slinky, my friends!  So I bought one in hopes I could make it slinky so nicely down the Cottonwood County Courthouse steps sometime.  Well, I was waiting for paint to dry so what a perfect opportunity to give the Slinky I couldn't stop thinking about a try.  So I shared my Slinky with a friend and we got to thinking about all the other fun things we used to do when we were kids in Windom.   It was the perfect day to respect our youth by going to our "new" Ben Franklin, Loopy's Dollar Store. Ben Franklin Variety Store was the store I would always go to when I was young for toys and 10 cent laffy taffys, but is no longer in existence, so Loopy's would have to do.  We grabbed some bubbles, jacks, a kite, and none other than super rope licorice and made our way across the street to the courthouse lawn.  We slinkyed unsuccessfully (the stairs are too wide), but it was fun trying and we blew some bubbles with the Larry Buhler statue, all while chewing on 34 inces of Slammin' Strawberry licorice.  It was the absolute perfect day to be kids again in Windom, MN.  It was food for the soul, and it all started with the glorious ORIGINAL SLINKY.

And I know, I have a really bad habit of loitering on the courthouse lawn, don't tell anybody...

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