07 July 2011


The first round of community meetings was held last night and I'd have to say it was a success.  There could have been a lot more people there.  I would have liked to see more city leaders there and business owners, but the discussion we had about our beloved community was productive.  I appreciate those who took time to get involved and take interest in the city's future.  It is up to us as community members to see our city thrive in an ever changing world. 

You still have a chance to give your input about Windom's future on Monday, July 11th from 4pm-6pm at the Windom Community Center.

Along with helping with these community meetings, Finding Windom is getting ready to launch findingwindom.com, Windom's very own community portal website.  This website will not be content driven, but will serve as a directory for all our residents, potential residents, visitors and businesses.  It will be a way to link all the great aspects of our city into one user friendly website and making Windom extremely accessible to anyone and everyone interested in seeing all the great things Windom has to offer.  Findingwindom.com will include links to local websites, including businesses and community organizations (to name a few), a community wide calendar, and local social networks. We are very excited to launch this website and hope this website will increase communication within the community and market our great community to others...just another way we are becoming the little city that would.  Stay tuned!

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