21 March 2011

dam proud.

The day finally arrived, and it only took 4 years.  So, yes, the title is definately pun intended. On March 15th, 2011, the Windom City Council made a historic decision for the future of Windom--they made the decision to take out the dam that has graced our part of the Des Moines River.  I wasn't rooting for a specific answer, but an answer was all I needed to be satisfied.  We all knew one way or the other, there would be disappointment, people upset, but a decision needed to be made.  We can finally move forward, and it is a great step for the Windom community.  Now what's next?  We need to keep making more decisions to continue progressing...

It's really wonderful to wake up in a city where every day you realize that today the city is a little bit better than yesterday.  -Jan Gehl, Danish Architect

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  1. Hi Mari... Do you know where Gehl´s quotation is taken from? I need a reference... Thanks // Jakob