13 March 2011

ears ringing, windom?

It's Sunday...again.  Where do the days go?  It's been a busy week and when I say busy, I mean fun-filled talking about Windom.  There have been all kinds of opportunities and resources just falling into our Finding Windom lap, and it is awesome.  Never a dull moment when your trying to find your city's potential because potential is everywhere!

Also, the support local campaign, The little city that would, is starting to finally come to life.  We can't wait to share some things we've been up to in the little city that would.   We will be offering decals and 11X17 posters with the little city that would logo so you can show your support.  Watch for details on how to get yours!  Materials to show your support will be available soon, so support your local support campaign and stay tuned...

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