28 March 2011

three words and one answer.

Windom State Theatre. 

I know you are all wondering, how, why, and when. How being "How did we let it get this way?" Why being "Why didn't we do something sooner?" and When being "When is something going to be done about that eye sore?"  Folks, I may not know the answer to the first 2 questions, but I have an answer to the last one.  Finding Windom, along with the help of some very ambitious, talented young people (Windom--we should be very proud!) and you, of course, will be giving that theatre the time, attention and work it deserves! 

It will be a process and it will be hard work (that hasn't ever stopped us before), but we are going to be fixing that place up to look like something we can all be proud of.  Yes, this is some news from those lame past posts of mine that have just been scratching the surface of things we've been working on, but I couldn't quite tell you all about until some more details had been worked through. The suspense was killing you I'm sure.

Well, here it is, more good news for our community--we (meaning the whole community, not just Finding Windom) are going to be fixing up our Square's theatre!  I can't wait to get started, and we will soon be letting you know how you can lend a helping hand, so stay tuned. 

See, I told you good things were happening, Windom.

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