09 September 2010


Finding Windom is proud to announce that we will be working with the Plum Creek Food Coop of Windom.  The Finding Windom team has been using our creative minds to build plans to enhance the business.  Tonight, we walked into a meeting of Food Coop board members with our outline, visuals and helping hands to offer our services, and they so graciously accepted our offers.  We are very excited to help the Plum Creek Food Coop, and we are excited they are allowing us this opportunity to show what we have to offer.  Get ready, Windom, the Plum Creek Food Coop is going to be FOUND by FINDING WINDOM!  Thank you, Food Coop, for taking the time to hear us out--we won't let you down or Windom.

1 comment:

  1. Mari - The Board of Plum Creek Food Coop and Windom Circles of Support applaud your efforts and would like to be involved in this "community" effort!