29 September 2010

a girl has needs.

This past Saturday I took a little road trip.  I wasn't taking the usual road trip to Mankato or Sioux Falls, I was going to the small Sibley, Iowa.  I had heard there was a new coffeehouse and roastery that opened and I was curious.  I guess I'm a self proclaimed coffeehouse bum.  I could sit all day, everyday in a coffeehouse, maybe because I always somehow find inspiration at the bottom of a great cup of strong, black coffee and I think I'm drawn to the people who have enough courage to open one.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect from The Latern in Sibley, Iowa, but when I walked in the door, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was so warm and inviting and smelled like inspiration.  The high tin ceiling, full of character, held together the exposed interior brick walls, so imperfect it was perfect.  The original wood floor had once again been found and restored to its original beauty.  Not only was the atmosphere just what I had hoped for, but we were greeted by a friendly smile.  I was sold before I even had a cup of their very own house blend or tasted their delectable cakes.  Of course my husband thought I was crazy for falling in love so soon and so hard (but he shouldn't question it because the same thing happened when I met him) for "just a coffeeshop".  To me it is more than a coffeeshop--it felt like hope, it was a dream put to life.  Yeah, I am probably crazy for wanting to drive all the way to Sibley, Iowa (which is 45 miles from Windom and for big city folk that translates into about 45 minutes away from Windom) for a cup of fresh brewed black coffee, but on Saturdays, they have live music--a perfect combination for yours truly.  But it just goes to show, people are willing to find what they need even if the gas it takes to get there is more expensive than the product they are seeking.


  1. Hi Mari...

    I too would like to see an authentic old style coffee house in Windom with the old wooden floors and high tin roof ceiling. Slayton has a wonderful coffee house called Ben Lee's Cafe as does Worthington. My friend, Darlene, and I love to go to these places to kick back, have a good cup of Joe, and a delectable home made bar or sandwich and soup...and chat about life and going on's between the two of us. Slayton , downtown really has it going on. It's fun to shop there on Main and to go to their Craft Fair in September. Thanks again for your blog and your love to improve Windom as we like to see it! Love to read it!! Leann Johnson, Windom

  2. Hi Mari,
    This is Beth Grimm from the Lantern in Sibley. A friend of mine found us on your blog. I'm trying to remember who you are and I think you came in with your husband and son (who is a few months older than mine). I also remember you saying you live in Windom. I am so happy you enjoyed your time at our shop. Come visit again! Tell your friends to come to!