07 September 2010

just some business.

First and foremost, thank you for all your support, each and everyone...

Second, for those of you who have read or will read the Citizen (http://www.windomnews.com/) this week I would like to clarify that all "my" ideas and things "I" would like to see are not only my ideas, but the ideas of the Finding Windom cabinet and Finding Windom supporters.  A lot of the things mentioned in the paper were a collabortation of the Finding Windom team and not only my ideas.  I must give credit where credit is due.  From this day forward (and past posts as well) when I say or write "Finding Windom," I'm talking about a team and not just Mari Harries alone because this blog would have been dead and gone without such crucial support and passion from beyond my heart and soul. 

Third and definately not the least important, Divide and Conquer.  This Saturday, September 11th from 9am-12pm, Finding Windom will be hosting one of many community beatifying days.  We will be focusing on the perimeter of the Square, front and back, and some spots along the highway.  I'm looking forward to this day for the community to come together, to take pride in what we have, and for us to all Find Windom with our own hands and cooperation.  We will be pulling weeds and picking up trash.  We will be helping businesses with any small "to-dos" that have been on the list, we will be enjoying the beautiful weather Minnesota has to offer in September, and we will be working together--all the things that make us a great community to live in and raise our children in.  Bring work gloves, wear appropriate clothing for dirty work that makes our city shine, and any tools that may help with the job. 

We will also be taking donations at this time to continue our mission of beautifying the city and finding its potential.  We will take work gloves, glass cleaner, brooms, trash bags, rakes, trimmers, hedge clippers, paper towels or reusable rags, old and/or new paint for signs and touchups (both interior and exterior), usable scrap wood for signs, flowerboxes, benches, etc, and flower pots of all sizes.  Anything  you can think of that could be repurposed somehow and be used to beautify the city.  Finding Windom loves to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose with a little TLC.  None of these things have to be "new," so check your garages, sheds and basements.

See you Saturday by Larry Buhler--let's give him something to really smile about!

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