08 September 2010

Welcome Horkey Art Fans!

This Sunday, September 12th, from 2-4pm, Windom native Aaron Horkey will be revealing his work at the Remick Gallery at the Cottonwood County Historical Society for a show to last until November.  I can hardly wait to see his work in person.  His art is respected by many artists and people around the world.  He has designed for various skateboard companies and alternative bands.  His work is intricate and flawless and nothing short of breathtaking. Not only are we blessed to call this amazing artist local and that he is willing to show his famous works in Windom, but we will be blessed by the coming of many Horkey fans. So get ready, Windom, let's share our own Midwestern Hearts with the world this Sunday by welcoming these guests with open arms.  Lets dust off the Windom welcome mat and make them want to come back and with their friends.


  1. Looking forward to coming. Some of us are driving 12 hours or more one guy is driving from Austin Texas which is almost 20 hours.

  2. I wish we could be there as Aaron is our nephew. His talent always amazes us. We are hoping Aaron's exhibit is a great success!!

  3. Windom residents are going to have the opportunity to experience things that exist around our town that not many can see in reality...