06 September 2010

we must learn from the wise.

"As a boy the early pioneer scenes connected with the development of our community made an impression on my young mind.  As I grew older, my mind seemed to dwell upon these things more and more.  When I think of those early pioneers who went through these many hardships, how they sowed the seed that has grown to what we enjoy today, I ask: 'Should we not be thankful for their work and perseverance?' So let us stop a moment and think of these things.  Those days to me are almost sacred.  I know whereof I speak...I often think of the pleasant association I have had with all of these men and women of our church and community, from the time I was a small boy to the present.  And I think of how they tried, by their work and influence, to give us a clean community in which to rear their children, and their children's children.  In these later years I have wondered, sometimes, if we who have carried on this work have done it as we should, the work which they started and expected up to carry on?  In many ways I am afraid sometimes we have not measured up. We are passing through some very trying experiences, days when men and women are being tried.  We must all stand for those things that are just and right..."

Edward Ellsworth Gillam
The First Methodist Church of Windom, MN
Published in 1949

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