12 September 2010

courtesy of finding windom.

As I got out of bed this morning, my muscles felt a little tight and the blister between my thumb and index finger had finally scabbed over.  A small price to pay for the job that had to be done yesterday.  I woke up on Saturday morning to the sun making its ascend and the subtle season changing colors of the southwest Minnesota morning.  The two combined are nearly impossible to describe with words.  In fact, these colors are so incredible I think Crayola could sell a box of crayons of all the vibrant yellows, oranges, greens and browns specifically found in a southwest Minnesota morning horizon. But then again, I don't think it could be duplicated in a wax stick.  It was a pleasure to see the sun yesterday after getting two full days of heavy rain the days before, which proved to be a God's send for pulling weeds that would have otherwise been difficult to pull out of dry dirt and sand. 

I was excited to see the Finding Windom team weren't the only hands to show up, so thank you to those willing to lend their helping hands--you were amazing. I would like to tip my hat to the Masons who took the initiative to clean and touch up their beautiful historic building.  They even continued the work today, and its looks great! It makes the Finding Windom workload that much lighter. 

I am hoping those willing to offer their opinions on Saturday of what should be done will someday put their opinions into action.  We could only do so much in one day for a short 3 hours and my body (along with the others helping) had been worked enough for the time being, but I'm proud of what we did accomplish and so thankful for the people helping to make our city beautiful.

Our big pile-it was all found around our Square.
I look forward to another day where we can all come together to take pride in our river city and another gorgeous southwest Minnesota morning.

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