19 September 2010

differently the same.

This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with two groups in order to build awareness and to find partners for Finding Windom and our cause.  On Monday night I was invited to speak at Circles of Support and on Thursday I was invited to speak at Kiwanis Club. I talked about the same things at both meetings: my purpose for starting the blog and organization, Finding Windom, the things we have done and the things we are going to do in the future.  I'm going to be honest, I could easily talk all day, maybe two, about Finding Windom and just Windom in general if I could find someone willing to listen for that great amount of time (okay, well, maybe my husband does on occasion, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate his ears, his nods, his ideas, his support and for just loving me for who I am--I can only imagine how exhausting I am to listen to sometimes). 

It was just yesterday that it dawned on me how the two groups I met with this past week couldn't be any more differently the same.  You are probably thinking "how can two things be 'differently the same'"?  Well, in this case, it is quite possible.  I'm not going to write about the differences between these two groups--there is no point to dwell on negatives-it doesn't accomplish anything.  But what is being accomplish on Mondays from 5-7pm and Thursdays from 12-1pm is the push for a better community and I felt it in the atmosphere of both meeting grounds.  It is amazing how many groups around our city have the same focus--our community.  We have Circles of Support, Kiwanis Club, the Chamber, the Conventions and Visitors Bureau, Church and Society boards, the City Council Board and Commissions, the Riverfest Committee, the Lions Club, the Masons, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Women of Today...are you overwhelmed yet?  I'm sure I forgot a bunch.  All of these groups are promoting help to better our community of Windom, they are all paralleling each other to one grand destination.  It finally dawned on me that maybe we should all consider crossing paths?  Is it okay to call it perpendicularing?

Thank you to Circles of Support and Kiwanis for listening to me! I enjoyed my time with you and  I look forward to working with you...

Finding Windom together,

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