02 September 2010

wish list.

Finding Windom is starting to find jobs, lots of jobs, and we need your help.  With all of these things on our to-do list, we are discovering there are many small things that would make our job so much easier and allow all kinds of people to be involved.  I have also had some requests to provide a wish list for people who want to help, but can't physically be here to do it, so here it is--Finding Windom's Wish List.  I realize some of these things are pretty big things, but everyone needs goals and I'm not afraid to go for it for the sake of finding Windom's potential and beauty.  All of these things would make our job of reviving our city that much easier:

Things to make the city shine: trash bags, brooms, rakes, window cleaner, paper towels, Round Up, working gloves and more helping hands to put in the gloves, lawnmower, trimmer, and any yard-working tools.

Things we can repurpose and need in order to repurpose/reuse things: flower pots of all sizes, scrap wood (big enough pieces to work with for signs, flowerboxes, benches, etc), hammers, screwdrivers, drills, nails, screws, new or leftover paint for signs or touchups, any leftovers you have from a project that could be used somehow, anything that may need some sprucing up and could be creatively used to add a unique touch to the city (I love fixing things up, repurposing and reusing things!).

Finding Windom could also use: a place to put all this stuff, a van to transport these items to a jobsite, ladders, paper to promote ourselves and our "community activities" and give Windom a good 'ol pep talk every once in awhile, willing business owners to work with (we want to help you and your business in numerous ways).  Hey, we could even use the expertise of a lawyer and/or tax dude to find out how to become a non-profit organization. 

Finding Windom is all about reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing, and repurposing in order to revive our city.  We are trying to think outside the box and we are willing to put a little elbow grease into things that will beautify and make our city welcoming and unique.  We encourage you to think outside the box as well.

If you would like to make any offerings or donations, send it to Finding Windom, PO Box 76, Windom, MN 56101.  We will also be taking any generous offerings on Saturday, September 11th from 9am-12pm at our "Divide and Conquer: The Square Edition."  There are so many things we would like to accomplish for the sake of saving Windom and thanks to all those people who have so willingly offered their help.  We appreciate your support beyond measure!

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