26 September 2010

sunday's best.

The echoing church bells, crisp air and warm sun were my best friends today. The golden hues of fall were brillant with life as I roamed freely on a Sunday afternoon, which brings me to the reason I write tonight. I wish to point out the amount of pride I see not only on Sundays, but everyday and every season--it's the pride I see in our community's churches, and I can safely say this about every single church in our city.  The lawns are always perfectly manicured, the landscaping not overwhelming, but a perfect amount of love and attention, inviting benches and tasteful seasonal decor.  Our churches look inviting and cared for, but I suppose this is the way it should be given the purpose for its foundation.  I appreciate the care and love put into our local churches.  Thank you for being a beautiful part of our community.

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