05 August 2010

annoyingly optimistic.

Today I stumbled upon something rare.  A purpose. I've always believed in purpose, never quite knowing my own.  Something many seek for a whole lifetime.  But I have been blessed with a realization today that everything happening in this short time, a blog, supporters, opportunities, will become something great--something beyond what my two hands and mind can accomplish.  The beginning of change. It may take awhile to get to the ultimate goal, but I believe with all my heart the path that has led me to this inspiring day, with my thoughts and ideas tumbling through my mind, is the beginning of something wonderful.  The support is the beginning of something wonderful.  I feel this is my purpose.  To write, inspire, volunteer, and uplift my community. I know I will eventually run into road blocks and walls of disappointment, and I'm trying to prepare myself for these things, but too many things are just falling into place.  It's impossible to ignore such things. I'm going to open the door that opportunity is knocking so loudly on right now for this small city in rural Southwest Minnesota.  Can you hear it?  Can you hear that opportunity calling our name, Windom? 

Let me tell you why I think I found my purpose.  It makes me want to jump out of my skin I'm so excited. Today, I had two great contacts.  Contacts that will lead me farther down this path of goals for this community.  Contacts that will provide more opportunity for me to fulfill my dreams of finding Windom.  I may be annoying optimistic right now, but I can't help it. Doors are being opened, and this is what I need to help this community become what it has the potential to be.  So for you, Windom, I'm going to take these small, yet oh so big, opportunities and run with them.  We are on our way!

I thank all my readers and supporters who have helped get my foot in the door to good things that will help me and my city during this crazy journey.  I am truly blessed.  I thank you for your belief and optimism.  It is indeed contagious, so spread it around!

"And ever those, who would enjoyment gain
Must find it in the purpose they pursue."
--Sarah Josepha Hale

Finding Windom.

Happy times,


  1. My emotions are coming to life, I have felt frustrated and hopeless about some things in my community. Thank you for your optimism. Let's all get on board and roll.....

  2. Mari, Not only are you sharing your vision for Windom, it is applicable to any small town USA. I actually shared the link for the 3/50 project with a friend out here who is on the economic development board. Hill City (my home) has been on a 10-year journey to make this the next "Taos"; marketing it vigorously as an arts (mecca) community. GREAT THINGS have happened in a relavitely short amount of time thanks to the dedication of people just like you. Don't give up the crusade. You WILL make a difference!