18 August 2010

can it be done?

Well folks, I never imagined this day would ever come, especially so soon, but the Conventions and Visitors Bureau here in Windom, Minnesota has so generously offered Finding Windom a cash donation in order to get our fundraising wheels turning and our promotional products circulating.  I met with the organization yesterday morning to spread the word about this project and my plans to revive our community by using my hands and mind and the genuine, willing hands and minds of volunteers (you know who you are and I love all of you) to simply promote and instill pride in our community.  All my readers know that Finding Windom has started doing small things like pick up trash and pull weeds and motivating others to do these small things as well--you know, the free stuff that makes our town glisten and sparkle like the Mr. Clean commercials on television.  Well, this is starting to turn into something so wonderful and huge that we now would like to use some funds to really get our hands dirty.  I know, sounds weird, right?  The more projects we get involved with the more Finding Windom needs things like trash bags and paint to not only make Windom shine, but to go the extra mile with only a small amount of necessities.  We are starting to uncover more and more of Windom's hidden potential and true beauty that she is begging for more! Were not talking multi-million dollar projects here, we are talking the small price of simple TLC.  Things like more flowers and the pots to put them in or some seasonal decor in bare spots wishing to greet passer-byers.  The little things that make people think something is a little different and a little more inviting, but can't quite put their finger on the positive change.  It is those small things that make our community warm and inviting.  Think of these things as a smile where a Windom local might not be at that moment to give one herself.   I guess what I'm getting at it is every cent of our profits will go straight back into our fair city, our river city.

So you are probably asking how we are planning to start our fundraising efforts.  Well, not only do we want to encourage you to buy a Finding Windom t-shirt with our inspiring logo to help us raise money to put back into our town, but to help raise awareness of our community and our project by bearing these simple two words across your heart: Finding Windom.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, folks.  Be the first!  This is your chance to truly support your city, truly find your community and truly inspire pride.  Finding Windom shirts will be available by the end of the month, so watch for details about how to purchase yours because its coming, my friends, Finding Windom's house of t-shirts. But we won't stop here, why ruin a good thing?  You just wait for more great fundraisers and community programs provided by yours truly, Findng Windom. 

Thanks to the Windom CVB for their generous donation and for believing in these efforts.  We won't let you down!

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  1. I cannot wait to purchase my Finding Windom T shirt to help this great "thing" you have going. I truly hope the elected officials and employees of Windom will catch on to the optimism you are creating in this great town we have. My votes in the upcoming city elections will go to those who share your passion,enthusiasm, and standards Mari. THANK YOU!