10 August 2010

postmarked 2010.

So in case you were wondering, a Lover's Lane actually did exist in Windom's small world.  Yes, it is a real postcard postmarked 1915.  It belongs to a passionate Windom postcard collector, but I would say most of the passion is written on the back of these black and white photographs.  The black ink flowing over the cardstock so gently.  A genuine "Dear Friend" begins a friendly statement, followed by the question "How are you" or "when will you be back?"  To think people would wait days, weeks, or sometimes more to hear a simple reply is amazing in itself, especially hard to imagine in our technological world.  The address is a proper name, their city and state.  The postmark is a determined stamped circle bearing the city and date so proudly.  The stamp is as beautiful as the graceful penmanship next to it. What passion in that little postcard.  The pictures are full of pride.  A city, a booming city, with life shown in the small 3 by 5 rectangle.  Its residents taking pride in their accomplishments of buildings, their surrounding roads and trees, their resourceful river.   It can all be felt in the tiny pictures that the postal service would so diligently deliver, keeping people together even when a short 20 miles would seperate them.

Maybe we should all buy a Windom postcard, address it, stamp it and send it to our out-of-town friends and family, show them our pride again-just like the good 'ol days when a keyboard was out of sight and out of mind. I think I'm going to do that this week.  Something unexpected, genuine and different.  Maybe then it would make it a little easier for our friends and family to find Windom on a map of a million cities.

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