19 August 2010

quiet noise.

It's dark, quiet and late for my eyes and mind. The dining table where my computer sits is no where to be found under the piles of paper, lists, stamps, postcards, thank you notes, newspapers, business cards, the phone book, magazines, oh, and I can't forget to mention baby toys.  All but the toys are pieces of Finding Windom. Inspirations and ideas in an organized mess on the biggest flat surface in my house.  I like to refer to this quiet noise as Finding Windom's job security. There is just so much potential (have I said that enough yet?) and great things we can do to make our city a destination city and rural hotspot and most importantly, a community of pride and passion.  Tomorrow more minds will come together to help me.  We will organize and we will start at the most logical place to start: the beginning.  I'm looking forward to another beginning. 

When I go back and read my first posts, I would have never believed my dining room table would look the way it does now.  I would have never believed I would need to hold meetings with supporters who have committed themselves to this project as well.  I would have never imagined the intensity and enormity of this project as it is now.  We are stepping beyond just building awareness at this point because it is officially time to get our hands dirty in order to find our beautiful city. 

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement.  I cannot and have not done this alone.

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  1. Thank YOU, Mari, for putting this into motion and being our voice! We can't wait to get started! :)