22 August 2010

a cabinet is formed.

It's Finding Windom's 1 month birthday today! With all the excitement and hubub going on right now with Finding Windom, I decided it would be in my best interest to formally (as much as it can be formal at this point) create a cabinet of members of Finding Windom.  Finding Windom is getting a little big for my small two hands, which is a great problem to have, something I would have never imagined would happen a short four weeks after the birth of "my $.02: Finding Windom."  Not only am I blessed to have some of the nicest and most genuine people on earth help me, but all of these brillant people bring their own sets of skills whether it be creativity, organization, or research, these so called "members" are amazing people.

So here it is folks, a cabinet is formed and we, the members of Finding Windom, are at your service:

Mari Harries--President, Treasurer
Damon Weinandt--Vice President
Sara Barfknetch--Secretary
Andy Harries--Minion
Cory Barfknetch--Minion
Rylan Caseman--Minion
Cara Caseman--Minion

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this project and believing it can be done. 
...8,9,10. Ready or not, here we come!  We are going to find you, Windom!

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