23 August 2010

say cheese!

During a beautiful summer's evening, just before the sun slowly let the moon take its nightly work shift, my husband and I decided to take a walk and take some pictures of Windom's beauty and potential.  Man, this city is most photogenic, a smile in so many places both seen and unseen (unless you take a real close look). Some people always say "if walls could talk", well, to me, these walls do talk.  There are stories this town is telling everyday in the whispers of the prairie wind.  Each pattern in the brick, each railroad tie layed, each train that elevator has filled with the gifts of God's unpredictable earth tells the story of pride and passion.  I couldn't help but share these beautiful pictures of our beautiful city.  Of course, this is just a tiny glimpse of the plethora of objects ready to say cheese.

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