29 August 2010

Larry finally plays for a Minnesota team!

Good news, our man Larry Buhler has found a new, and local, team to play for and he is sporting his new jersey!  If it's good enough for Larry, it should be good enough for you, so play on Larry's team.   All you have to do is buy your very own new, clean white tee bearing your favorite hometown team, Finding Windom.  For only 12 George Washington's ($12), you will not only be supporting your community and your favorite rural city in southwestern Minnesota, but you'll look good doing it.  You can find them at Frank's Shoe Repair or the Windom Chamber of Commerce (after Monday).  You can also get them through any Finding Windom cabinet member--just ask. 

All proceeds will go directly into beautifying our lovely city.  We appreciate your support and keep reading to find out more ways that you can contribute your hands, minds and talents to Finding Windom's passionate cause.  Thanks for your wonderful support, it is appreciated beyond measure!

1 comment:

  1. I will get my t-shirt this week. I think I will wear it at the MN State Fair!